Saturday, August 4, 2012


Pin It Have you ever tried Edmodo? If not, I highly recommend using it during this upcoming school year. It is a great tool for educators! In my classroom last year, I just started to use Edmodo with my students. They immediately loved it (especially since it looks like Facebook.

For last year, I primarily used Edmodo for groups discussions on our Read Aloud books and reading responses for reading groups (in small sub groups by reading group). I plan to continue this and utilize the Assignment Feature on Edmodo for these reading responses and more!

I also started to use Edmodo this summer as a way to facilitate my Professional Development Course to the teachers in our district. This has proven to be a great way to organize materials and keep track of turned in and completed tasks.

For this upcoming school year, I hope to use Edmodo as a way to keep track of my students nightly reading and incorporate incentives for their reading through the awarding of badges. There is a group on Edmodo dedicated to Education Gamification- and I really like this approach for my students.

To learn more about Edmodo (did I mention it is FREE?!?!), go to Also, to learn more about Edmodo's free, virtual conference that is coming up on August 8th, EdmodoCon2012, go to

Sunday, July 15, 2012

And so it begins...

Pin It After exploring so many different blogs, I'm officially addicted! Almost eight years ago I found myself obsessed with exploring teacher websites. I taught myself how to create one by googling it! It evolved and I had a great site!

Now, the same obsession has taken place, only now with blogs. I decided that I would start a techy focused teacher blog and a classroom blog ( all begins here!